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Our Clients' Business Perspective Is Our Foundation

Platinion was founded in 2000 with two offices–Cologne and Munich. Since then, we have grown continuously and successfully. Today we have offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. For the coming years, the continuation of our international growth strategy is planned. 

Worldwide, more than 300 employees support clients globally . Our clients are mostly large companies and groups but also prominent, medium-sized businesses.

At Platinion, we thrive on challenge and many of our projects are characterized by special demands. These may originate from the exceptional strategic or operational significance of the assignment, from the extent or complexity of the project content, or even from a tight timeline.

Platinion Consultants work Worldwide

Green marked countries show you the places where Platinions have been in action.

Platinion 2015

Our work at Platinion is always aligned with the clients’ strategic business objectives. We judge solutions by their contribution to the success of the strategic and long-term effect on the companywide IT architecture.

The interaction of technology, organization and strategy leads to a variety of different project types. We are working on, or have completed, projects in the following areas

Architecture design

  • Technical due diligence and digital architecture readiness scan
  • Design of target application landscape and software selection
  • IT modernization strategy and roadmap development

Transformation management

  • IT health check and strategy definition
  • Optimization of software delivery and operations
  • Digital capabilities assessment and agile transformation

Large-scale project management

  • Project review and recovery
  • Master planning and program governance set-up
  • Core systems renewal and post-merger integration
Jonas Rathert
Managing Director at Platinion
"At Platinion, we always look at issues from a number of different perspectives."